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    Advocacy Strategy Development Process 33333

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    Court yard meeting by YC Ramanagar on WASH

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    YC Ramanagar doing maintenance work for PSF

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    Participants during a court yard meeting organised by YC Ramanagar

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    Afzalpur Farmers Making Use of ICT for Agricultural Consultation

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    Mobile phone-enabled services of VSOB and E-Krishok joint project show particular promise

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    Jhum cultivation in the Chittagong Hill Tracks

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    Launching activity of Egottor Youth Club / Khagrachari / CHT

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    test by shajjad

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    This is a test by Shajjad

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    another video 001

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    Bangla link



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    In Ghana, the Ghanaian "Smoke" Clothe

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    Success of the "Sack Bag Gardening" Technology

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    Training Women farmers on Guinea Fowl Processing and Packaging

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    Sustainable Agriculture Development Concept

  • gallery/Sustainable Agric. Development Script, Peter Okoth.avi

    Sustainable Agricultural Development Concept

VSO is an international development organisation fighting against poverty through volunteers. We bring people together to share skills, creativity and learning to build a equitable world. VSO was voted the top international development charity in the International Aid and Development category at the Charity Awards in 2004 for its work and promoting innovative approaches to globalize volunteering. We are a leading development charity with almost 2,000 skilled volunteers placements currently in 32 countries.

As a part of its knowledge management system, VSO Bangladesh has developed this Knowledge Database aiming to store and disseminate the knowledge and skills as well as learnings so that the users of it can be benefited through online from anywhere of the world. However, this Knowledge Database is limited to the VSO Bangladesh focused programmes. For the brief of the Bangladesh Programmes please click the Our Programmes tab in the main tool bar.



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We do take this opportunity to highly appreciate and acknowledge  our volunteers and staff who worked very hard and innovatively to develop this Knowledge Database. We do specially remember our volunteers Ms. Maria Basco from the Philippines, Mr. Babu Manya from Uganda, Mr. Paulo Musee from Kenya, the Star Computer Systems Ltd., Mohammad Saifullah- the Opeations Manager of VSO Bangladesh and all others whose invaluable contribution has made this database to come into reality and made it a success.

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